​Product piracy

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Product piracy

It is the Toy Fair. The whole world has gathered in Nuremberg. A team from rospatt osten pross fans out on behalf of a luxury car manufacturer to track down cases of piracy and the unlicensed use of valuable trade marks. In order to put an immediate stop to infringements, the lawyers can avail themselves of a wide range of legal measures: under civil law, criminal law, and involving the police or customs authorities.

Product piracy

Reaping where one has not sown. It can invigorate competition if luxury items are made affordable for everyone. But it can also smother innovation and cause investments in a brand to be forfeited. What is admissible competition with imitations? When is a product a counterfeit? rospatt osten pross knows the fine dividing line between inspiration and piracy. Inspiration is fostered, piracy is combated.

Watches, clothes, mobile phones, jewellery – from a source that never runs dry but is fake all the same. The lawyers at rospatt osten pross have recently also had to deal with “counterfeit” laminate flooring, cars, mixer tips and engine oil. We conduct investigations, organise the customs surveillance, accompany police operations, and obtain and enforce court orders at trade fairs.

Combating product piracy involves more than one field of law: copyright, technical intellectual property rights, registered and unregistered designs, and copyright protection under unfair competition law may all apply. The aim is to expose supply chains and networks and to close openings for entry to the market. We rely on a thorough investigation of the facts, careful documentation and our many years of experience, which gives us the instinct of sleuths and enables us to get inside the minds of those at work in the industries concerned.